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Alnaqi Fragrances

Special Alnaqi Attar Combo of 6 (6ml each) |Pack of 6 | Gift Pack |

Special Alnaqi Attar Combo of 6 (6ml each) |Pack of 6 | Gift Pack |

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Introducing a luxurious combo of six exquisite attars, each in a 6 ml bottle, designed to offer a diverse and captivating olfactory experience:

  1. OUD SALATEEN Attar: An opulent blend of rich oud and spices, exuding royal elegance and depth.
  2. OUDH KUWAITI Attar: A mesmerizing fusion of traditional oud with warm, earthy notes, embodying Arabian allure.
  3. SANDAL 5020 Attar: A classic and creamy sandalwood scent, offering a soothing and timeless sophistication.
  4. SWEET OUD Attar: A harmonious blend of sweet and woody oud, creating a warm and inviting fragrance.
  5. TOBACCO OUD Attar: A captivating mix of rich tobacco and exotic oud, evoking a sense of mystery and allure.
  6. HONEY OUD Attar: A delightful combination of sweet honey and deep oud, resulting in a luxurious and sensual aroma.

This exquisite collection is perfect for those who appreciate refined elegance and diverse olfactory experiences.

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