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Alnaqi Fragrances

Alnaqi Butter Scotch Attar Alcohol Free

Alnaqi Butter Scotch Attar Alcohol Free

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Butterscotch Attar is a fragrant oil that faithfully recreates the sweet and creamy aroma of butterscotch. Derived naturally through distillation, it captures the delightful essence found in butterscotch candies and desserts. This aromatic attar is versatile, ideal for use in personal care products and scented items, imparting a nostalgic and enchanting scent of butterscotch. Whether blended into perfumes, lotions, or candles, Butterscotch Attar evokes warm and pleasant memories with its comforting and delectable fragrance, making it a cherished addition to any olfactory experience.

  • Top Notes : Lemon , Caramel 
  • Middle Notes : rose, clove
  • Base notes : sandalwood , musk
  • scent: Vanilla


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